10moons Super TV Pro Windows 8 Driver

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10moons Super TV Pro Driver

1, Proteus Pro [philips reference design], , 2, LifeView 21, 10MOONS PCI TV CAPTURE CARD, 22, AverMedia M Hello,i unathi like to have drivers for super TV pro g: 10moons ‎ ‎Must include: ‎10moons. This is TM 10moons TV Card Multifunction Remote Control. High quality receiver. Watch and record digital terrestrial TV on PC or Laptop. With its auto-code.

10moons Super TV Pro Driver for Windows 7

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10moons Super TV Pro Driver

This guide covers the basics to detecting your card and loading the correct modules so you can watch and record TV.

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As per http: You will need, later, the card and tuner type. Usually, and once you have compiled the module and loaded it in the kernel, it can be seen using the dmesg command, and can be seen as Where the card number is the one shown as yy and the tuner type the one 10moons Super TV Pro as zz.

Setup Modules You will have to configure your kernel to load the correct modules so that your hardware will work. However, the saa module will need to be added as a module, since you will have to pass options when loading the driver.

10moons Super TV Pro Drivers Update

Linux Kernel Configuration: 10moons Super TV Pro not to compile saa support into your kernel. It must be loaded as a module! Hardware Detection Note: In some cases, getting your TV tuner card is not going to be as simple as loading the module and starting up your favorite tv tuner frontend. You will need to do a little hardware detection first before you can watch any TV.

There are two ways to detect the exact card and tuner type. One is using I2C to scan the bus, which may or may not work. The second way is to manually determine the card and tuner numbers.

If it does, just make the option the default setting. This isn't Gentoo but this article is referred to a lot by other distributions. The module will 10moons Super TV Pro fine even if you pass the wrong values, so just because it doesn't throw an error doesn't mean it will work correctly.

10moons Super TV Pro Drivers for Windows 8

You may need to do some trial and error, but it is worth it -- when setup correctly, the tuner delivers a nice picture. From the v4l2 driver FAQ "Unfortunately it is impossible to detect the tuner type directly.

10moons Super TV Pro Video Driver

For some TV cards it is known how to figure the exact tuner type indirectly, for example by parsing the configuration info within the card's eeprom. For most 10moons Super TV Pro the drivers simply have a hardcoded 10moons Super TV Pro value. That catches most cases, but there are a few exceptions where the vendors ship the TV cards with different tuners depending on the region they are sold PAL tuner in europe, NTSC tuner in the US and there is no known way to figure what tuner the card actually has.

In this example, the card is 2 from the list above: Another way could be this: You must know that it's possible that more then one tuner type will work with Your card, but one can work better and the other worse so don't stop search after finding first working tuner and when checking if tuner type works it's good not to check only one or two frequencies.

Once you have the card number and the tuner number, you can load the module. It can be necessary to load 10moons Super TV Pro tuner separately. This depends on your card and settings.

With my card after the loading of the 10moons Super TV Pro everything works fine. If you need to remove the module and try again with different options, use rmmod. To do this the kernel must be compliled with the module unload feature enabled. Coldplug is deprecated and blocked by udev on modern systems.

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The below out of date, the preferred method is using the autoload. This section is completely deprecated, and needs to be updated. As of Kernel 2.

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