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Asus VivoTab Smart Driver

Colour: ASUS VivoTab MEc inch Tablet - Black (Intel Atom Z GHz .. It integrates seamlessly with my other windows devices and my smart TV. More Info ASUS outs VivoTab Smart with Type Cover-esque keyboard cover ASUS VivoTab Smart hands-on (video) ASUS Vivo Tab Smart. ASUS VivoTab Smart MEC - " - Atom Z - 2 GB RAM - 64 GB SSD Specs. Model ASUS VivoTab Smart MEC - " - Atom Z - 2 GB RAM - 64 GB SSD. ASUS VivoTab Smart MEC - " - Atom Z - 2 GB RAM - 64 GB SSD MEC-C2-BK.

Asus VivoTab Smart Driver for Windows 10

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Asus VivoTab Smart Driver

Higher-end Windows 8 tablets use Intel Core-series processors, from the same family as those seen in expensive laptops.

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Its bodywork is Asus VivoTab Smart and sensible too — there are few design embellishments. The Asus Vivotab Smart is as slim and light as Android tablets of the same size, at g and 9. The Asus VivoTab Smart is not out to become a tablet whose bodywork sticks in your mind for years Asus VivoTab Smart come. There is no super-portable Windows tablet, yet.

Unassuming design is met by mid-level specs. Its CPU is a 1.

Asus Vivo Tab Smart

In an Android tablet those memory figures Asus VivoTab Smart sound impressive, but they are less so here. It uses a cover that blasts out like a rocket when prodded with a fingernail, though, so be sure to act with care unless you want to lose it. Therefore, the transistor count of the Atom series is much lower and, thus, cheaper to produce.

Furthermore, the power consumption is very low. Soc with integrated dual core Atom processor clocked at up to 1.

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This is a typical display size for tablets and small Asus VivoTab Smart. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. So, details like letters are bigger. On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper.

All told, it's a much less cramped -- less netbook-ish -- experience than what you'll get on the Iconia W To be clear, the buttons here are still closer together than on your typical laptop keyboard, and the flimsy panel flexes under the stress of more furious typing. Our point is: The trackpad is also superior to what you'll find on most other tablet keyboards.

Yes, it's as small as you'd expect it to be, which means it's usually a better idea to left click with a tap instead of trying to squeeze your Asus VivoTab Smart and index finger on there. But, it handles tracking Asus VivoTab Smart well, and even supports Windows 8 gestures, which isn't true of every keyboard we've tested. Certainly, the Acer Iconia W can't do that.

Finally, one last thing we like about the keyboard: Instead, it makes use of a rechargeable battery, which you can top off using the on-board micro-USB Asus VivoTab Smart. That's the same charging standard that the tablet uses, so in theory you could travel with just one cable and switch off as Asus VivoTab Smart. It should go without saying, too, that you can use it while charging. The only downside there is that because the charging port sits on the top edge of the keyboard, the cord curls up against the propped up tablet, partially obstructing your view of the screen.

Driver UPDATE: Asus VivoTab Smart

TranSleeve What's nice is that once you fold the cover up, magnets keep the makeshift dock in place so that it doesn't Asus VivoTab Smart around. Mostly, anyway. It doesn't seem like a coincidence that the VivoTab Smart's thin cover is similar in design to that other Smart Cover, the one designed for the iPad.

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Like Apple's offering, the TranSleeve attaches not through a physical latch, but through magnets, which hook onto the bottom edge of the tablet. Here, too, the cover is lined with a soft material on the Asus VivoTab Smart that's meant to lie against the screen; the outer shell is a bit tougher, a bit more rubbery. All told, it stands up quite Asus VivoTab Smart to scratches and fingerprints and generally works as promised, at least as far as protecting the tablet goes.

Just make sure you don't lose it: Now for the best part: But Asus VivoTab Smart if you struggle the first time, you're not likely to make the same mistake again. You see, the cover has indentations in the spots where you're supposed to fold it; not unlike a paper map with crease lines.

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