3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver Treiber Windows 7

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3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver Driver

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3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver Driver

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3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver Driver

This is an optimization that the workstation folks have done for years, and is visually unnoticeable. However, it reduces the amount of texture lookup by a factor of 4 compared to the VSA method, so the performance for the Spectre M-buffer method is therefore much better. Mesh model: A graphical model with a mesh surface constructed from polygons. The polygons in a mesh are described by the graphics system as solid faces, rather than as hollow polygons, as is the case with wireframe 3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver.

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Separate portions of mesh that make up the model are called polygon mesh and quadrilateral mesh. Mip Mapping: This involves storing multiple copies 3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver texture maps generally two or threedigitized at different resolutions. When a texture mapped polygon is smaller than the texture image itself, undesirable effects result.

Mip mapping can provide a large version of a texture map for use when the object is close to the viewer, and a small version of the texture map for use when the object shrinks from view. Moving the slider control will either add or subtract a bias from the LOD computed 3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver MIP mapping, making textures appear sharper or blurrier.

This can result in improved visual detail, but may reduce performance accordingly.

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It can also result in texture aliasing if the sharpness level is set too high. Mip-Mapped Textures: This is an important feature of any 3D graphics accelerator. It refers to the ability of such an adapter to apply a texture to a 3D object based on 3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver object's distance from the viewpoint. This requires modification of the texture and is applied either on a per-pixel or per-triangle basis, with the latter being faster but less accurate.

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Motion Blur: With traditional computer generated images, a given frame showing an object in motion will render that object with crisp, clean edges in each frame. When viewing a full motion version of the scene based on these images, the result is an unrealistic strobing effect much like watching someone move underneath a strobe light. This strobing effect is quite different from the continuous, fluid motion of moving objects in real life. Voodoo 3D, by means of it's patent-pending architecture, has the unique capability of rendering multiple textures onto 3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver polygon in a single pass and single cycle.

Employing multiple Texture Mapping Units TMUs that each render a completely independent texture onto a polygon, makes multi-texturing a standard feature of a consumer game platform. Natural cubic spline: Between 3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver pair of control points there is a cubic curve.

To make sure that curves join together smoothly, the first and second derivative at the end of one curve must equal the 3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver first and second derivative start of the next one. Computing the natural cubic spline essentially involves solving a system of simultaneous equations to make sure this happens. NCC Textures: NCC textures occupy 8 bits per texel just like palettized textures, but the decompression table is 20 times smaller.

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This makes switching textures much more efficient and allows applications to use a different table per texture. Several arcade games use NCC textures to offer the highest resolution textures possible without noticeable 3Dfx Sones Voodoo 4/5 Driver quality loss. Non-Power-of-Two Texture Support: Support for numbers other than 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,etc. Usually this is used to describe the texture sizes that an engine requires in order to make good use of video memory.

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Textures that are not in powers of 2, like 33x24, would probably cause the engine to run slower or maybe crash. Open GL: There are several implementations of Open GL, provided by different vendors. A Win32 version is provided by Microsoft.

Open GL includes routines for shading, texture mapping, texture filtering, anti-aliasing, lighting, geometry transformations, etc. Most of these functions can be hardware-accelerated.

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