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How to arrange the documents for US student Visa interview? NOTE: The amount should be as per duration of study mentioned in I FORM I OR FORM DS Once you are accepted to REQUEST TRANSFER SEVIS FORM I Transferring from a PREPARE FOR VISA INTERVIEW. The Consular Sections of the U.S. Embassy and the Consulates are responsible for providing visa services to those seeking to enter the United States for a.

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After completing the form, you will be asked to take a printed confirmation to your interview. You may wish to prepare for your visa interview.

Student visa applicants should be able to demonstrate three criteria to visa officers: Before your appointment, read the U. Embassy's information on security information and plan your journey to the Embassy. Watch the U.

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Embassy's YouTube video on what to expect on arrival to the Embassy. You will go through security procedures similar to what you would expect at an airport.

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AT COMFOR OFFICE I20 may wish to take a book or magazine to read while you wait, but travel light, as you are not allowed to take electronics iPods, phones, laptops, etc into the AT COMFOR OFFICE I20. You will then wait until your number is called for an initial processing procedure called intake. You will submit your visa application, passport and photo, as well as have your fingerprints taken. These items will show that you are attending a school. Do I need to turn in an immunization form as an international student?

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Yes, it is part of the admission process as an international student. If you have not had any immunizations you must AT COMFOR OFFICE I20 a physician and have these procedures done. Failure to submit an immunization record may result in having a hold placed on your academic record.

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Do I need to have health insurance? Massachusetts state law requires that all students enrolled in a full time program have health insurance. The insurance should be from a company in the US. This will make it easier to determine what services are covered by the insurance. Can I work while I have my F-1 status?

If you are realistic about your financial needs, you will be better able to enjoy the exciting academic and cultural experience of living and AT COMFOR OFFICE I20 in the United States. Be sure to start exploring your funding options and establish your budget well before you plan to start your studies abroad! Create a Budget.

The International Student scholarships database contains frequently updated information about scholarships, grants and assistantships. If you are considering a research or teaching assistantship, please search the available options. When putting together your application for a student visa, you will first need to research the admission policy for your AT COMFOR OFFICE I20.

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Keep the following items in mind:. Then, go to an approved HDFC bank in order to pay the visa application fee. Save the receipt from the payment.

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