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Addison Technology WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 MOUSE Driver

Results 1 - 48 of - Pointing Device Wireless Technology: Radio Frequency. Pointing Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical Wired USB PS/2 PC Mac Mouse NEW . Vintage Tandy Handheld Trackball PS/2 Computer Mouse .. Addison Serial Trackball DPI 90's Vintage Computer Track Ball. Doğum günü hediyesi gelen, Addison Mouse Pad'ın incelemesini 2. Loading Loading Rating is Missing: PS/. A computer mouse is a hand-held pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion relative Mice often also feature other elements, such as touch surfaces and "wheels", which . On October 2, , a mouse device named Rollkugel (German for "rolling Addison-Wesley. p. "USB: A Technological Success Story".

Addison Technology WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 MOUSE Drivers for Windows 8

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Addison Technology WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 MOUSE Driver


Moving the mouse turns the ball. X and Y rollers grip the ball and transfer movement. Optical encoding disks include light holes.

Addison Technology WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 MOUSE Drivers for Windows Mac

Infrared LEDs shine through the disks. Sensors gather light pulses to convert to X and Y vectors. The German company Telefunken published on their early ball mouse on 2 October It came as part of the hardware package of the Xerox Alto computer. Perpendicular chopper wheels housed inside the mouse's body chopped beams of light on the way to light sensors, thus detecting in their turn the motion of the ball.

Drivers Addison Technology WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 MOUSE

This variant of the mouse resembled an inverted trackball and became the predominant form used with personal computers throughout the s and s. The Xerox PARC group also settled on the modern technique of using both hands to type on a full-size keyboard and grabbing the mouse when required.

Mechanical mouse, shown with the top cover removed. The scroll wheel is gray, to the right of the ball. The ball mouse has two freely rotating rollers. These are located 90 degrees apart. One roller detects the forward—backward motion of the mouse and other the left—right motion. Opposite the two rollers is a third one white, in the photo, at 45 degrees that is spring-loaded to push the ball against the other two rollers.

Each roller is on the same shaft as an encoder wheel that has slotted edges; the slots interrupt infrared light beams to generate electrical pulses that represent wheel movement. Each wheel's disc has a pair of light beams, located so that a given beam becomes interrupted or again starts to pass light freely when the other beam of the pair Addison Technology WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 MOUSE about halfway between changes.

- PS/2 Optical Mouse

Simple logic circuits interpret the relative timing to indicate which direction the wheel is rotating. This incremental rotary encoder scheme is sometimes called quadrature encoding of the wheel rotation, as the two optical sensors produce signals that are in approximately quadrature phase.

The mouse sends these signals to the computer system via the mouse cable, directly as Addison Technology WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 MOUSE signals in very old mice such as the Xerox mice, and via a data-formatting IC in modern mice. The driver software in the system converts the signals into motion of the mouse cursor along X and Y axes on the computer screen. The weight of the ball, given an appropriate working surface under the mouse, provides a reliable grip so the mouse's movement is transmitted accurately.

Key Tronic later produced a similar product. The "Color Mouse", originally marketed by RadioShack for their Color Computer but also usable on MS-DOS machines equipped with analog joystick Addison Technology WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 MOUSE, provided the software accepted joystick input was the best-known example. Optical and laser mice[ edit ] The underside of an optical mouse. Main article: Optical mouse Optical mice rely entirely on one or more light-emitting diodes LEDs and an imaging array of photodiodes to detect movement relative to the underlying surface, eschewing the internal moving parts a mechanical mouse uses in addition to its optics.

A laser mouse is an optical mouse that uses coherent laser light. The earliest optical mice detected movement on pre-printed mousepad surfaces, whereas the modern LED optical mouse works on most opaque diffuse surfaces; it is usually unable to detect movement on specular surfaces like polished stone.

Laser diodes are also used for better resolution and precision, Addison Technology WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 MOUSE performance on opaque specular surfaces.

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Battery powered, wireless optical mice flash the LED intermittently to save power, and only glow steadily when movement is detected. Inertial and gyroscopic mice[ edit ] Often called "air mice" since they do not require a surface to operate, inertial mice use a tuning fork or other accelerometer US Patent [49] to detect rotary movement for every axis supported.

The most common models manufactured by Logitech and Gyration work using 2 degrees of rotational freedom and are insensitive to spatial translation. The user requires only small wrist rotations to move the cursor, reducing user fatigue or " gorilla arm ".

Usually cordless, they often have a switch to deactivate the movement circuitry between use, allowing the user freedom of movement without affecting the cursor position. A patent for an inertial mouse claims that such mice consume less power than optically based mice, and offer increased sensitivity, reduced weight and increased ease-of-use.

For other uses, see Spaceball disambiguation. Also known as bats, [51] flying mice, or wands, [52] these devices generally function through ultrasound and provide at least three degrees of freedom. Probably the best known example would be 3Dconnexion " Logitech 's SpaceMouse" from the early s.

Addison Technology WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 MOUSE Drivers (2019)

In the late s Kantek introduced the 3D RingMouse.

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