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8 Computer On Modules Express-MV Express-MC Express-NR Express-AT CPU Type Intel® Core™2 Duo. Adlink Technology Electronics Parts – Receive an instant quote for HTS-HR-B,M(RC),HTS-EV,PCI(G),MXE/M2G. ASAP Semiconductor is. Midnight Express, the story of Billy Hayes' escape from a Turkish prison Sally: The Billy Hayes in the movie was a very passive character and.

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Beatrice Hazlehurst 12 May While we are certainly aware ADLINK Express-MV the effect cinema can have on the way we understand the world, ADLINK Express-MV are very few films that not only remain relevant decades after their release, but are so powerful they set international relations alight.

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Midnight Expressthe story of Billy Hayes' escape from a Turkish prison after he attempted to smuggle four pounds of hashish out of Turkey at the height of the war on drugs, was ADLINK Express-MV of those films. Billy ADLINK Express-MV became an international celebrity when he returned to America, quickly garnering the attention of Hollywood with his memoirs about his time spent incarcerated.

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Oliver Stone ADLINK Express-MV Hayes' writing for a screenplay, 70s heartthrob Brad Davis was cast as the lead, and Midnight Express was made. The film's instant reverberation around the world was unprecedented, and it won six Oscars at the Academy Awards.

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A warrant was immediately issued for Billy Hayes' arrest by Interpol, and Turkey was so incensed by the film's portrayal of their culture that there were nationwide protests. Tourism to the country dropped significantly as Billy Hayes simultaneously became an American hero and ADLINK Express-MV Turkish enemy.

Midnight Return, ADLINK Express-MV documentary over 10 years in the making written, directed and produced by Sally Sussman, has ADLINK Express-MV visit Turkey for the first time since his escape. We spoke to both Sussman and Hayes to discover the discrepancies between Billy's story and Stone's, how one film could do so much damage and who Billy Hayes really is.


I'll be honest, it's been a long time since I've seen Midnight Express, but I remember ADLINK Express-MV film having such a profound impact on me and I was so struck by the concept of this documentary. How did it come to be?

Like you, I saw the film as a youngster and it stayed with me for ADLINK Express-MV and years and years. Then I met Billy through my husband, and he happened ADLINK Express-MV mention to me about Turkey and his interest going back there and I thought, "Hmmm.

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Absolutely, it transcends time. Imagine how bizarre ADLINK Express-MV makes me feel. Billy, I had no idea that you became such a fixture in American culture at the time.

ADLINK Express-MV Driver

You were so celebrated as the anti-hero--both the bad boy and ADLINK Express-MV sweetheart. That's what's so ironic about the story. At the time Billy was really celebrated ADLINK Express-MV he had pulled off this unbelievable escape, then becoming one of the first celebrity types to be created from a news story.

Everything was quite wonderful because prison sets a very low bar. I had made three successful trips before I was caught, none of which I could write about in my first book, because it was and the height of the drug war.

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That's so interesting, considering your portrayal in the film was so different, Billy Hayes was the naive American tourist who made one bad call and was unfairly punished. ADLINK Express-MV seemed to think they needed to do that. The Billy Hayes in the movie was a very passive character and was portrayed as much more of ADLINK Express-MV victim than the real Billy Hayes.

Everyone loves a victim. They had to sell this movie to Columbia Pictures who were reluctant to make a film that glorified a drug smuggler.

ADLINK Express-MV They didn't mind a failed drug smuggler, but they cared about a successful one. They wanted something palatable where you would be rooting for the wronged hero.

Then again, had Turkey not given Billy a life sentence for smuggling hash, none of this would have happened. So in many ways he was ADLINK Express-MV real life victim of the Turkish legal system, but the mandate for the filmmakers was to stack the deck against Turkey and in favor of this kid.

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I honestly think we would have rooted for the character more had we seen his ADLINK Express-MV escape. Thank you. There were choices made in the movie that veered the story further and further away from Billy. I understand, as a filmmaker, why you wouldn't want to spend all this money showing someone rowing and running away from Turkey, but there were other choices I wasn't as happy with. I had a ADLINK Express-MV with someone in jail and they couldn't have that.

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