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ANNOUNCED Award adds support for PCMCIA cards Award Software International Inc. last week announced an upgrade to its PCMCIA software that makes it. Article: Q Product(s): Microsoft Windows 3.x Retail Product Version(s): WINDOWS, Operating System(s): Keyword(s): Last Modified. Data-acquisition cards for the PCMCIA slot are a bit different, since desktop machines . based AST Research Inc. computers and Japan-based Toshiba Corp.

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Both approaches have benefits and limitations.

AST 16MB 68p PCMCIA Mini-Card AST Ascentia N

Whatever the thickness, these devices are small--about the dimensions of a credit card. As the association AST PCMCIA implies, PCMCIA was initially intended as a standard for removable memory cards, but it soon expanded to include fax, modems, LAN local-area network interfaces, and as of last year, data-acquisition interfaces.

Because these cards are so small, it is difficult for manufacturers to fit all the necessary components onto them. Also, height restrictions make AST PCMCIA impossible for manufacturers to use what is called "through-hole" components such as the integrated circuits and resistors visible on a typical printed circuit board.

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PCMCIA cards must use surface mount technology in which the components are soldered directly to the board. That includes a cable that plugs into the PCMCIA card and connects it to AST PCMCIA device called a terminal block or pod, to which various sensors are connected.

Manufacturers of PCMCIA data-acquisition cards strive to design cards that consume as little power as possible, but even so, the notebook's operating time on the battery AST PCMCIA reduced when one of these cards is in use. ComputerBoards Inc.

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In a test of power consumption conducted by ComputerBoards, a notebook PC alone lasted approximately four hours after AST PCMCIA full charge. Adding the company's data-acquisition card reduced operating time to 3.


That's nearly 20 additional minutes of operation from the ComputerBoards product, possibly enough to make a difference to some experiments, the company points out. According to Paul Schreier, AST PCMCIA of Rye, N. In the July issue 12[7]: Sunnyvale, Calif.

That's not to say that the cards won't work in AST PCMCIA, but a review of those lists is a good place to start when purchasing a system. Notebook computers usually come equipped with a power-management function that shuts down the computer's central processing unit and peripherals if it senses that the system has been inactive for a certain length of time. This could potentially AST PCMCIA data logging if there are long delays between samples.

16MB 68p PCMCIA Mini-Card AST Ascentia 950N

This is not a problem, however, AST PCMCIA long as the user remembers to program the AST PCMCIA of the inactive period so that it is slightly longer than the time between samples. Some vendors offer external data-acquisition modules that connect to the PCMCIA card via its cable to increase the number of analog inputs to as many as This is a small box that sits next to the notebook PC and contains the more typical add-in data-acquisition boards.

While AST PCMCIA device offers a solution for those who need more input capability, it does begin to add to the paraphernalia that needs to be hauled around for data collection in the field. A parallel port is the pin connection found on nearly all personal computers and printers.

Data-acquisition modules that connect to AST PCMCIA parallel port are available in versions that support both the SPP and EPP. These modules are small boxes, usually about the size of the notebook itself, that typically contain two standard-size data-acquisition boards.

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These units not AST PCMCIA provide data-acquisition capabilities for portable PCs, but also--because they are compatible with any parallel port--are good for doing data acquisition on a desktop PC that has all its expansion slots filled. One drawback of using the parallel port as the data-acquisition interface is that it ties up that port, which is often the connection AST PCMCIA the printer.

Some vendors, such as IOtech and National Instruments, have configured their external data AST PCMCIA modules the DaqBook and DAQPad, respectively with a second parallel port where users can connect their printers. This way they don't AST PCMCIA the ability to print while acquiring data. Parallel port-based data-acquisition modules must supply their own power, from either an AC power source or a battery pack, which may be internal or external.

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