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BenQ 640S Driver

Acer / Benq, s, SCSI, -, "FlatbedScanner18", -. Acer / Benq, U, USB, 0x04a5, 0x1a20, "FlatbedScanner_5", u34vbin. Acer / Benq, U, USB, 0x04a5. Download BenQ Acer S Scanner Driver S. OS support: Windows 98/Me/NT//XP. Category: Other Devices. S/S/S/S/ST/ST/S/ST/ScanPremio ST. SCSI card model: Acard SCSI card d (PCI slot interface). OS: Windows XP.

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BenQ 640S Driver

BenQ 640S Download Driver

Have you tried the other firmware file ESFW BIN posted above? Perhaps BenQ 640S firmware doesn't play nice I have an Epson ; I'll give it a shot in a minute.

I can't scan, either. With Kooka, preview works, but the full BenQ 640S doesn't -- it just hangs.

BenQ 640S Drivers Download (2019)

With scanimage on the command line, it warms up the scanner and then says, scanimage: But the preview scan worked I tried BenQ 640S 2 hubs, in case that was the issue; I may try plugging it directly into the motherboard to rule it out further. You'll find the BenQ 640S. Interestingly, the esfw Having the same problems as matthoffman with my perfection using esfw PASS scanimage: I got an Image: What a pain!

I've set sane to debug and attached is a diff of the successful and failed scan passes if anyone can do anything with them.

BenQ 640S Drivers Download (2019)

I am experiencing the same problems with my Epson Perfection This appears to be a kernel bug BenQ 640S Feisty: I have tried both firmware files available with the same result. This bug has been around since Feisty was released.

BENQ Scanner Windows XP Installation Guide SCSI Series Mira Scan VS

If you recompile the kernel with this option disabled then you will be able to scan normally again. Even better, if you compile the 2.

There was a bug in the 2. Hi, I'm having the same 'Epson Perfection ' problem since using Feisty. BenQ 640S file.

Unfortunately, recompiling the Kernel is not an option for me - seems that I can't use the scanner until Gutsy is out Hey the forum forum censors the swearword BenQ 640S a That is just so US-American. I have a scanner Epson Perfection I have Ubuntu Feisty Fawn: I now can scan 1 page, but finish scan and the scan is BenQ 640S with red led if I switch off and later BenQ 640S on the scanner and restart xsane then I can scan other one page.

I can scan 1 page too, but no more: Sorry my english I'm Spanish. Thanks for hinting me to the kernel bug, guys All we have to do is to prevent the USB port from being suspended once the scanner BenQ 640S used for the first time after scanner power-on. To this end, use the following BenQ 640S in a separate terminal window just after scanner power-on, before doing anything else to the scanner: As long as this command is running, the USB port is accessed every 0.

BenQ 640S You can tweak the sleep delay to lower CPU consumption if desired. But it cannot be longer than approx 1 or 2 seconds as this is the "timeout" for an idle USB port before being suspended, as you can see from the time left for the scanner to partially move to zero position after a scanimage command ended. If you want to see the command working as I doBenQ 640S the following command instead: Ohh, I experienced the same problem only one scan possible.

Is this problem solved in the new version of Ubuntu 7.

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