Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D Drivers Download

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Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D Driver

The PCI WAVE, i from Aztech Labs,' (, www 'E' Platinum-3D ($79 list price), which can play back 96 voices simultaneously. With a Like its more expensive sibling, the WaveRider comes with 14 multimedia titles and is. Aztech Waverider Platinum-3D PnP - using AZT Chipset FCC-ID:IMMSN Aztech Waverider Platinum-3D PnP (with IDE Interface). Aztech Labs Sound Card Drivers. (Aztech Waverider Platinum-3D PnP - using AZT Chipset DOS/Win') This site maintains listings of sound.

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Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D Driver

Aztech Sound Card Drivers for free download

I'm guessing the azt is on opl clone of some kind. Got fond memories of the sound and music from this card, on crappy battery speakers. I don't really know what these chips all do, but it doesn't seem to have enough. The seems to be an opl3 clone. Solder points for a midi card header [but no header], ide header, 3 big chips: You do not have the required permissions Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D view the files attached to this post.

Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D Driver

Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D think Aztech did well in the early Sound Blaster days. They where known to be compatible with many standards, even Disney and Covox. But once MIDI took off they didn't really manage to compete anymore My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more My YouTube channel.

Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D Driver

The one thing I'm not too fond of is the clarity of the OPL3. It comes out like in Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D I'm not really a fan of raw FM Synthesis; it need some filtering for it to sound good to my ears.

It's the clearest of any sound card I've ever used, perhaps a little too clear. It's also got a minor bug with the SoundBlaster Pro digital sound where sometimes, a digital sound will stop too soon.

Sound/Multimedia. 16-bit ISA

Here's the sound card in question: Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter A. Vicente Start date Feb 7, Has anyone got it or know where might I try to find it? It might help to tell us more about exactly what this card is, since Aztech is probably just a generic branding on a card used by multiple relabelers.

Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D Drivers Download

Not abbreviating terms might help too, so we dont' have Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D try to decipher what "mm pro 16 IIIs" means. In general, one way to start looking is by the chipset the card uses, you can find other brands with same and Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D may have exact same design or at least similar enough to get the info you need The following page suggests HP is one OEM that used them, and though their link to the manual doesnt work, it might be that you can search HP's website to find it.

No manual, I did find the drivers. It's Ancient, and the drivers are for windows 3.

Perhaps a readme file or something is bundled in one of the driver downloads.

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