Asus G73Jw Intel Rapid Storage Drivers for Windows 10

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Asus G73Jw Intel Rapid Storage Driver

Asus G73Jw Desktop PC Driver and Software Downloads for Windows 7 x64 (64bit) Asus G73Jw Drivers for Win7 Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. Maingear Vybe Review: Fast, Quiet, Clean, And Ready To Ship . With the dust having settled on Intel's staggered Sandy Bridge launch Sandy Bridge is capable of, it's Asus' G73 series of gaming notebooks. a pair of Seagate hybrid hard drives equipped with solid state storage for a speed boost. Asus NX90JQ Notebook Intel Rapid Storage Driver Asus G73Jw Notebook Intel Turbo Boost Monitor Application

Asus G73Jw Intel Rapid Storage Drivers (2019)

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Supported systems: Windows 7/8/10, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.X
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Asus G73Jw Intel Rapid Storage Driver

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Combined with its 42cm width and 3. This attractive all-black pack features mesh-padded shoulder straps, a front chest strap, multiple zippered compartments and even a mesh side pocket for carrying bottles.

There are very few curves to be found here, and we like the understated yet somewhat aggressive effect. We also like the soft-touch matt-black finish on the lid, which not only prevents unsightly fingerprints but also ensures the laptop feels great to carry around.

Asus G73JW - External Reviews

Gunmetal grey bezels around the screen and keyboard are smooth to the touch, while the raised palm-rest area below the Asus G73Jw Intel Rapid Storage features a lightly textured surface to prevent sweaty palms from slipping. Build quality is also excellent, with no unwanted flex or creak anywhere. Advertisement Similar to desktop replacements, most gaming laptops are large, heavy and usually lack in battery life.

There are a number of specialized brands and boutique shops that will let you customize their Asus G73Jw Intel Rapid Storage with all the latest components and even tailor their looks to your taste — but they'll also charge a nice premium for it. That's just scratching the surface of what you can put into this system.

Design-wise the NP is rather bulky, but that's to be expected with these types of machines.

Asus G73Jw Intel Rapid Storage 64 BIT Driver

I didn't test itbut the rubbery material seems likely to be much more prone to scratching from normally nonthreatening metal objects such as paperclips and keys than a typical hard-plastic lid is. The G73Jw has much the same array of ports as other notebooks in its league.

Driver UPDATE: Asus G73Jw Intel Rapid Storage

Its shining feature is a USB 3. The G73Jw's keyboard is one of the worst I've seen--a huge disappointment in a gaming-oriented desktop replacement.

Most inch notebooks have great or at least well-laid-out keyboards, but the G73Jw's keyboard is cramped, slippery, and generally frustrating to type on. The interior of the notebook is as Asus G73Jw Intel Rapid Storage and minimalist as the exterior--and in this case, that's not a good thing.

A wide at least 1. The keys are small and hard, and they offer virtually no tactile feedback for both typists and gamers, who depend on it.

The tiny size of the keys on the Chiclet-style keyboard wouldn't be Asus G73Jw Intel Rapid Storage a problem if they weren't so smooth and so closely packed together. The close proximity combined with the smooth surfaces guarantees that your fingers will repeatedly slip off one key and onto another. The arrow keys and separate number pad keys--frequently used by gamers--are squashed in next to the regular keyboard and are even smaller than the regular keys.

If you plan on doing anything more on this computer than watch movies or casually surf the Internet, you'd better spring for an external keyboard.

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