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Alcatel Controllerless Modem Driver

Ambient Technologies Inc HaM controllerless modem (rev Dan. modem · share improve this question. asked Mar 7 '18 at PROLiNK Hurricane is a full rate controllerless-based ADSL Modem. It uses Alcatel solution that fully complies to T, and ADSL standard. The two-chip MTK chipset integrates a complete ADSL modem that which recently expanded to include a controllerless PCI product for cost reduction.

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Alcatel Controllerless Modem Driver

ADSL modem chipset employs controllerless design

Typically, the symbols will be processed in eight symbol batches. This reduces the processing requirements considerably over signal sample oriented processing.

A plurality of signal samples is normally required in order to identify each symbol. Functional Description FIG. The modem operates in two modes, a training phase and a data phase.

During the data phase, bitstream data from the host is encoded into symbols by the data encoder The symbols are then modulated and filtered into samples by the transmit Alcatel Controllerless Modem These samples are transferred back Alcatel Controllerless Modem the Alcatel Controllerless Modem to be transmitted on the line. The host manages the sample rate conversion and the code. On the receive side, samples from the host received from the line are de-modulated and filtered into symbols by the receive engine The receive engine uses symbols from the transmit engine to perform the echo-cancellation and uses symbols from the decoder to do channel equalization and samples from the receive base band filter to do listener echo cancellation.

The symbols are decoded by the data decoder into bitstream data which is transferred back to the host.

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During a training phase, the modem sequencer triggers the training encoder to generate the appropriate training sequences. The symbols generated by the training encoder go through the same transmit engine as in the data phase. Similarly, the training decoder is fed symbols by the receive engine. Alcatel Controllerless Modem

The sequencer also controls various parameter settings in the transmit and receive engine, like step sizes, etc. The sequencer re-enters the Alcatel Controllerless Modem phase, if requested by the host controller. Data Encoder FIG. Bitstream data from the host is scrambled to randomize it. The data framer distributes the Alcatel Controllerless Modem bits 1 into separate streams to the Alcatel Controllerless Modem mapperthe constellation mapperthe differential encoder and the subset labeler The shell mapper maps the input bits into 8 ring indices These indices are used to pick the rings in the constellation used by the next 8 symbols.

The constellation mapper uses the ring index and bits from the data framer to pick the appropriate point in the constellation. This point is then rotated by 0, 90, or degreesdepending on the input from the subset labeler. The subset labeler uses information from the differential encoder and the trellis encoder to pick the desired rotation angle. The symbol is pre-coded to aid the remote equalizer and subjected to a non-linear transfer function to combat non-linear distortion on the channel.

The symbol is used by the transmit engine to generate the samples to be transmitted. Training Encoder FIG. The training encoder encodes the various training sequences sent by the modem in phase 3 and phase 4. The timing and order of generation of the training sequences is controlled by the overall modem sequencer. A brief description of the various sequences generated is as follows.

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PP sequence: This is a constant amplitude zero auto-correlation sequence sent for fast training of the equalizer. Alcatel Controllerless Modem consists of six periods of 48 symbols and is sent in training phase 3.

This consists of two alternating points in the four point constellation and a phase reversed version. It is used as a marker in both phase 3 and 4.

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TRN sequence: This consists of a sequence of ones. It is used for training in both phase 3 and 4.

ADSL modem chipset employs controllerless design

J sequence: This is a 16 bit pattern which specifies whether phase 4 training will use a 4 point constellation or a 16 point constellation. This Alcatel Controllerless Modem a 16 bit pattern and is used to indicate the beginning of phase 4. E sequence: This is a 20 bit sequence of ones.

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