Acer Aspire iDEA 500 HD Audio Drivers for Windows Mac

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Acer Aspire iDEA 500 HD Audio Driver

Yet the Acer Aspire iDea looks less like a PC. You can play DVDs and CDs, manage audio, video and still image files, and access the net on Hard drive storage capacity is Gb, and standard memory is MB. Windows 7 issues with Acer Aspire iDea A default install No sound from the TV output (through a scart socket). I remembered . So my new conclusion: Windows 7 Media Centre, plus an HD TV is made of win. I'm very. View and Download Acer Aspire iDea Series service manual online. Configure the Realtek HD AC-3 sound track) audio speakers Audio in Media Center.

Acer Aspire iDEA 500 HD Audio Drivers for Windows 10

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Acer Aspire iDEA 500 HD Audio Driver

All of the heat is dissipated through the sides, which means you needn't worry about stacking other AV devices on top of it either. The front of the system is sleek and slim, with a selection of transport buttons for controlling playback, and an LCD that shows meaningful information - what's playing if you're using the MCE interface, for example, or the time and date if not.

Driver for Acer Aspire iDEA 500 HD Audio

Acer's attention to detail is obvious: But Live TV was smooth, and playback of a newly recorded progranne also looks smooth. Windows 7 installation was quick and easy. My preparation of a driver disk paid off, and all the drivers I needed worked.

Acer Aspire iDea review Alphr

I was worried about the tuner card, as I know that some very popular cards have had issues with Windows 7, but mine works fine. The performance improvements in Recorded TV will make a huge difference. And I hope I can get to the bottom of the skipping on old recorded programmes.

To sum up. Windows 7 Media Centre is worth the upgrade, if your hardware works. Sort of.

Acer Aspire Idea 500 Windows Media Center

The switch on the front broke, and would no longer lock on. It was a bit of a coincidence it broke the same day as the MC, but that switch has been dodgy for a while.

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Which we did today. Something like this one. But how does it get on with my fairly old Media Centre? Except there was no sound.

No longer does Jon Stewart look tubby. There are also a couple of IR blaster ports that can be used to extended the remote control's access in case the iDea is placed inside a cupboard out of a remote control's line-of-site, for example.

All of those ports are just on the rear panel. On the front you'll find another set of composite AV inputs and an S-Video port, two more USB ports and a set of 63mm plugs for headphones and a microphone. It's a lot to take in, but that's a good thing. All of this means that just about any TV, monitor, handy-cam or digital camera, VCR Acer Aspire iDEA 500 HD Audio gaming console, will be able to connect to this device, as well as many other consumer-electronics device.

It means that you can connect this device to your cable or satellite TV box, listen to FM radio on it, or download TV episodes and movies from the Internet.

Acer Aspire iDEA 500 HD Audio Drivers for Windows 7

The supplied keyboard with a built-in touchpad instead of a mouse will also allow you to comfortably surf the Internet. The iDea can be easily connected to the Internet via a wireless router or an Ethernet connection to a modem. Setup Setting up the Acer Aspire iDEA 500 HD Audio is reasonably easy. Once you buy the iDea, you're stuck with its default specification.

Acer Aspire iDea 500 - DTS - Core Duo - 1 GB - 250 GB Specs

Happily, the solid base specification means most users shouldn't need to upgrade. The GB hard drive is large enough to store well over hours of high-quality video footage, which can be recorded via the iDea's dual hybrid TV tuners.

These are twin digital Freeview receivers and twin analogue TV receivers, so you can record and watch via picture-in-picture two programmes simultaneously. Getting the iDea's pictures onto a TV or other display couldn't be easier.

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The latter two are capable of outputting high-definition video protected by HDCP encryption. The DVD drive is a notebook style slot loading affair with an eject button on the left.

On the far left is a thin plastic strip that divides the top half and a large flap underneath. This strip is the power switch and lights up blue when the machine is powered on. Yet under the fl ap there are also two USB inputs, a microphone input, a Firewire input, and two memory card slots which between them support seven formats - so images from your camcorder or still digital camera can be displayed easily. Around the back, ports are both IT and AV:

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